kill the social network.

social network don't work at all for the best medium to be socialize. it make us more like spider waiting in their on web. seriously, social media don't work at all. it not a good place to learn and gain more knowledge.  

its a place to hate. its a place to hide.

life begin at 40

why on earth this age is a beginning of life?

yes! i know.


Al Quran Pen Reader

Have you guys heard about Al Quran Pen Reader? it is good for us to use?
i totally have now idea about this Quran pen reader.  its a new trend to make you easier and faster to learn how to read Quran.

it actually a device that create to read the Quran when you touch the first word in Quran. the pen reader is not the device to write. it read from Quran. its looks like MP3 player.
the device is quit expensive. it can be found everywhere.

Al Quran pen reader is such a famous device nowaday.

it is good device for a person that willing to learn the Quran.

nice device to try. but buy the original Al Quran Pen device with the trusted company.


Islam Religion

as a muslim, do us really know what does "Islam" means? Islam come from the word "salam" which means "peace". Peace from every aspect. If we could see now, are we in peace condition now?


so what does it means?

i am proud with Islam. but i never understand what is the content in the Quran.
do you guys know the total verse in Quran? how to know it?
it easy. what you need is calculator. count it now! or you will never know.
from the Al-Fatihah till the end of An-Nas.

The total verse is 6236.

the first revelation that our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw get from the gabriel(jibrail) is Al-Iqra'.
And the language as a medium is Arabic. as our respectively to our Prophet, the Quran is written in Arabic language.

Iqra' means "read". im totally not agreed with some statement said that our Prophet is illiterate. how could be a world leader is illiterate? can you imagine?

totally disagreed.

His age is 40 years old on His first revelation. And He is the last Prophet and Messenger to us.

Do we get His message yet? no? 

it is better to start read and understand Quran. Read. Understand. dont just read to get "pahala" reward. you will never know the total of your pahala until you dead. 

its like when you read a new paper. you get knowledge and information.
you read Quran also to gain knowledge and information about the life and hereafter. 


Quote of the day!

"Do the right thing, or do the thing right" - choose it

Jerantut Pahang Malaysia

this is my hometown: Jerantut. i grow up in Jerantut. The most famous place in the world is "Taman Negara" or rainforest. all around the world tourist must visit here. Jerantut is situated in the midle of Malaysia.

Jerantut is also the home of Pahang warrior: Mat Kilau.
The Mat kilau grave is in Pulau Tawar. well known in Malaysia. very famous among other warriors in Malaysia. He has mystic magical power that make him immune to the gun shot. according to the people there, he had been shot for many times by the British colonizer by that time and he can survive.
 Mat Kilau 

Taman Negara is most visited place when you came to Jerantut. Nowadays, land road is availabe to Taman Negara. compared to last few years, people only can travel by boat. Fascinating cannot miss to go there. lots of floral and fauna species are only can find in this rainforest. if you wanna go to Taman Negara, visit the link below for the packages:

canopy walk is the best activities. you can walk through rainforest here.
public transportation such as bus, taxi, train also available in Jerantut. nowadays, Jerantut town is in develop process. lots of new building is grown up there. I hate it. when i go back to hometown, dosent make me feel the old jerantut. everything is new.

i never went to Taman Negara. its pathetic?

how to stop smoking


what i need now is to stop smoking. what i need now to quit smoking.

I've been searching the stop smoking program. seem it dont work on me. try to take the medicine? it call "NiQuitin". expensive but dosent work at all.

Until i meet my new friend. He stop smoking for 2 years. wanna know how he do it?
its really rare. 7 cigarettes left in his pack. He take out one, and said "this is my last cigarettes". then he throw the balance away. im very surprise. i cant even do that.

He said to me "mind control your body, mind control you what to do". yes! it all about "mind set"
if we dont need it anymore, just tell your mind and lets do it.

"only me know me better". how to stop smoking? now answered already buy "how you control your mind". its a hard thing. there is faith in your self. don't waste it.

#besttipstostopsmoking - just do it. throw away your cigarettes. dont buy it anymore.

its a new born

here i would like to share something that may benefit to your life and new generation. the quoted from US president - "ask yourself what could you give to the country, and never ask what country could give to you".

let us move one step ahead in our life.

in the Quran says - our fate is totally depend on our self. nothing can change it except our self.