Jerantut Pahang Malaysia

this is my hometown: Jerantut. i grow up in Jerantut. The most famous place in the world is "Taman Negara" or rainforest. all around the world tourist must visit here. Jerantut is situated in the midle of Malaysia.

Jerantut is also the home of Pahang warrior: Mat Kilau.
The Mat kilau grave is in Pulau Tawar. well known in Malaysia. very famous among other warriors in Malaysia. He has mystic magical power that make him immune to the gun shot. according to the people there, he had been shot for many times by the British colonizer by that time and he can survive.
 Mat Kilau 

Taman Negara is most visited place when you came to Jerantut. Nowadays, land road is availabe to Taman Negara. compared to last few years, people only can travel by boat. Fascinating cannot miss to go there. lots of floral and fauna species are only can find in this rainforest. if you wanna go to Taman Negara, visit the link below for the packages:

canopy walk is the best activities. you can walk through rainforest here.
public transportation such as bus, taxi, train also available in Jerantut. nowadays, Jerantut town is in develop process. lots of new building is grown up there. I hate it. when i go back to hometown, dosent make me feel the old jerantut. everything is new.

i never went to Taman Negara. its pathetic?

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