how to stop smoking


what i need now is to stop smoking. what i need now to quit smoking.

I've been searching the stop smoking program. seem it dont work on me. try to take the medicine? it call "NiQuitin". expensive but dosent work at all.

Until i meet my new friend. He stop smoking for 2 years. wanna know how he do it?
its really rare. 7 cigarettes left in his pack. He take out one, and said "this is my last cigarettes". then he throw the balance away. im very surprise. i cant even do that.

He said to me "mind control your body, mind control you what to do". yes! it all about "mind set"
if we dont need it anymore, just tell your mind and lets do it.

"only me know me better". how to stop smoking? now answered already buy "how you control your mind". its a hard thing. there is faith in your self. don't waste it.

#besttipstostopsmoking - just do it. throw away your cigarettes. dont buy it anymore.


  1. cilaka... gua nak stop smoking... bukan nak stop SOMKING... stop SOMKING memang la senang....