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as a muslim, do us really know what does "Islam" means? Islam come from the word "salam" which means "peace". Peace from every aspect. If we could see now, are we in peace condition now?


so what does it means?

i am proud with Islam. but i never understand what is the content in the Quran.
do you guys know the total verse in Quran? how to know it?
it easy. what you need is calculator. count it now! or you will never know.
from the Al-Fatihah till the end of An-Nas.

The total verse is 6236.

the first revelation that our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw get from the gabriel(jibrail) is Al-Iqra'.
And the language as a medium is Arabic. as our respectively to our Prophet, the Quran is written in Arabic language.

Iqra' means "read". im totally not agreed with some statement said that our Prophet is illiterate. how could be a world leader is illiterate? can you imagine?

totally disagreed.

His age is 40 years old on His first revelation. And He is the last Prophet and Messenger to us.

Do we get His message yet? no? 

it is better to start read and understand Quran. Read. Understand. dont just read to get "pahala" reward. you will never know the total of your pahala until you dead. 

its like when you read a new paper. you get knowledge and information.
you read Quran also to gain knowledge and information about the life and hereafter. 


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